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I started section-hiking the Appalachian Trail in early May 2015. I chose the trail name of “Pi” for its simplicity. My second choice was “Napping Turtle”, my trail name during a recent backpacking trip in the Rocky Mountains. Outside of Harper’s Ferry WV the first two AT hikers I met were “Cake” and “Ice Cream”. It was a funny coincidence that made us all smile. Unfortunately, I injured my left foot on a slippery rock and only made it 50 miles during that first hike.

I’m getting back on the trail this year and my goal is to hike 200 miles during the weekends and holidays. I’ll do most of those miles in Virginia, and I’ll start with the AT section that passes through Shenandoah National Park. I really need the trail time now to keep me grounded and to help ensure I can fit into my “skinny jeans” next Spring.

I’ll provide periodic updates of my adventures on this blog,


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