Where are the AT Hikers?

Where are the Hikers?

Bubble on 07192018

Check out this AWESOME website. It provides detailed information on where AT hikers are along the trail. It’s based on current and historical information from shelter journals, AT blogs and hiker journals, and other sources. The screenshot above shows the current location of the vast majority of AT hikers.

You can also see where the AT hike were a month ago or three months ago , and it shows activity at each shelter along the trail. It’s an impressive way to visualize the “bubble” of hikers making its way from Georgia to Maine.

As an AT shuttle service its an outstanding source of info on when the hikers were traveling through my area (i.e. Waynesboro VA to Waynesboro PA). For example, in 2018 the huge “bubble” passed through this area between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. It shows the largest number of hikers at the Paul C. Browne Shelter near Waynesboro in early June with nearly no one there after July 15th. At the Harper’s Ferry Shelter June was the busiest month by far.


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