Bucket List

Royalty-Free-Octopus Photo

Bucket lists, day-dreams and fantasies. Does your bucket list include strolling along deserted beaches or snorkeling in the Caribbean or deep sea fishing? For some reason this sketch made me think about my own bucket list and dreams of retirement. Perhaps its due to my love of the sea and everything that lives in or near it. Except slimy sea cucumbers and toxic algae blooms and smelly pirates.

Anyway, let me know what’s on your bucket list. And how Patriot Travel can help you cross a few of them off your list.

PS – what do you call a one-eyed sea creature with six tentacles?

2 thoughts on “Bucket List

    1. The body looks a lot like a nautilus, but they have numerous short tentacles. So the mystery remains, what sea creature has one eye and six tentacles? Thanks for leaving your comment.


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