Florida National Scenic Trail

Florida NST

While I was in the Big Cypress National Preserve I saw signs for the Florida National Scenic Trail near the Oasis Visitors Center. Though I wasn’t able to find the southern end of the trail itself (sigh) I was motivated to learn more about it.

Fun Fact #1 – which Government agency is responsible for this trail?

  1. National Park Service
  2. U.S. Forestry Service
  3. U.S. Department of Agriculture
  4. Disneyland

It’s actually #3 – the USDA is responsible for this federally-designated trail, and Disneyland is not part of the Federal government:} The trail is roughly 1300 miles long, though the actual mileage depends on which route is taken. Through hikers start and end at the same points, but there’s lots of options on how they get from A to B.  The southern terminus is at the Oasis Visitors Center and the northern trail head is in the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

I’ll post more fun facts about this trail in future posts.

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