“Big Foot” Sightings in Shenandoah National Park

Credible Sightings

Several credible sightings of large, hairy ape-like creatures in Shenandoah National Park (SNP) have been reported. Since April, there have been at least 15 sightings in the Central District have park rangers concerned. Sightings near Buck Hollows, Corbin Cabin, and the Rose River Loop trail suggest flooded creeks have driven these creatures from their usual habitat. Park officials are emphasizing these sightings are not a threat to visitors, hikers, fishermen or backcountry campers.

Confidential Report

A confidential report seen at park headquarters details these encounters with “big foot”.  It provides detailed descriptions by hikers and backcountry campers. Though no pictures have been captured, sketches closely resemble those of other “big foot” sightings n the Eastern United States. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail (AT) saw a large, hairy, ape-like creature early on May 13th. “I was filling my Nalgene when I saw it crouched down about 60 feet away near the stream. Though it was misty I know it wasn’t a bear or another hiker. It just stared at me, like it was as surprised as I was. It moved away quickly when another backpacker came along. The damn thing must have been eight-feet tall with patchy brown hair on its back and legs.” When asked, park officials wouldn’t comment on when this confidential report would be released to the public.

Rangers Increase Surveillance

Back-country rangers and AT “ridge runners” traveling wearing Go-Pro cameras have been seen in remote areas of the park by fishermen and hikers. A ranger near the Rose River Loop trail was busy placing a game camera near where a recent sighting occurred when I passed by. He mentioned that remote monitoring by park headquarters staff in Luray would generate lots of questions. Him and his partner were carrying shotguns and noise makers for nuisance bears and other “aggressive animals”. This tacit acknowledgement of “big foot” sightings in the park is noteworthy.




I started Patriot Travel Services, LLC in June 2018 after giving “Onion” a ride to Mountain Home B&B in Front Royal. We crossed paths at Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park and I offered her a ride to the visitors center so she could call a shuttle service. However, the electricity was out at the Byrd Visitor Center and the surrounding area. I was going to pass through Front Royal anyway on the way home so I gave her a ride to the hostel.

A couple of days later I stopped at Mountain Home B&B to see if “Onion” needed a ride back to the park, There I met Lisa after she stepped on a big black snake laying in the drive way. Anyway, Lisa told me she had shuttled “Onion” and two other hikers to the park earlier that morning. She mentioned they needed “shuttlers” to take AT hikers to and from sites along the trail. We exchanged contact info and I asked her to call me when they needed help shuttling hikers.

I thought about what Lisa said, and a few days later I submitted my on-line application to establish Patriot Travel Services, LLC. So, I’m grateful for meeting “Onion” and for Lisa’s inspiration.

PS: “Onion” is Abby’s trail-name while she through hikes the AT this summer.

PSS: No snakes or other animals were injured.